Pro Krasnuyu Shapochku (1977) aka Little Red Riding Hood

A playful adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood. Production values are on the low side and there are no subtitles, but Yana's bubbly performance and huge smile, together with good music more than compensate.

Starring:  Yana Poplavskaya  (10 years)
Actress Score: 
3.5 / 5
Movie Score: 
2.5 / 5
Screen Time:  large
Since the movie has no subtitles, I'll borrow a plot summary by Boris Shafir from IMDB: "A sequel to the well-known story about a Little Red Riding Hood (Krasnaya Shapochka). This time, a family of a slain wolf decides to avenge his death. So they falsely inform Little Red Riding Hood that her grandma is sick and prepare to eat her on her way."
A playful fairy tale, the movie occasionally changes into a musical, with music quite to my liking. I rarely watch movies without subtitles if I don't understand their language, but Yana's huge and frequent smiles and catchy cackling was enough of a reason to start watching this movie. I wasn't let down, rather the opposite: Yana makes a wonderful and unique Red Riding Hood, full of bubbling charm.
A clip from the film.

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