Ronja Rövardotter (1984) aka Ronja Robbersdaughter

Based on the great Swedish youth book, this movie fails to create a credible impression of another time and place, but is still enjoyable especially for fans of the book.

Starring:  Hanna Zetterberg  (11 years)
Actress Score: 
3.1 / 5
Movie Score: 
3.0 / 5
Screen Time:  very large
Not quite living up to the very high standards set by Astrid Lindgren's lovely children's book it's based on, this movie is nonetheless a fair adventure for children, or anyone charmed by the book. The beautiful portrayal of the Swedish nature, and the display of Ronja's love for it are the strong points of the movie. It's also always great to see older movies like this one that aren't so hysterical about tastefully showing a bit of naked skin.
Disappointing is excessive silliness of some events, so as to make the movie more suitable for children, and only mediocre success at creating a credible impression of another world and time. Hanna is likable and well suited for the all-important role of Ronja.

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