Waterworld (1995)

Tina has one of her best roles in this big budget post-apocalyptic adventure that is set in a future where water has covered all land.

Starring:  Tina Majorino  (9 years)
Actress Score: 
3.5 / 5
Movie Score: 
3.0 / 5
Screen Time:  large
Mad Max in water with a high budget. Polar ice caps have melted, and water has covered all land. You've probably seen this movie, and if not, it's about time for multiple reasons. The action is good and there is plenty of it. The visuals are gorgeous, and above all interesting: the world is more unique than most scifi/fantasy worlds and full of detail. I paused the movie several times just to get a better look at costumes. The downside is that there is little besides the action. The possibilities of the post-apocalyptic world are not nearly fully used. We learn very little about anyone's past. It's also a very straightforward, formulaic action movie story, although the originality of the world fills a lot of the emptiness of the story.
A clip from the film.
Tina, nine years old here, plays Enola, a girl who has a map to mythical Dryland tattooed to her back. Our hero Mariner (Kevin Costner) saves her and her mother, and goes off with them in search of the Dryland. Enola doesn't get to do any long conversations, but she's on screen a lot, and has an inclination for speaking all the time. She's sassy, and cute as always. I liked her character, and her costume. It's surprising how well shortish hair suits her. Easily one of Tina's best, and probably the most entertaining role.

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